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optimal you.

Explore the revolutionary new PRIMEX machines.

a day.

The revolutionary collection works your body through customizable levels of resistance training, enabling you to build muscle and burn calories, safely and effectively.

PRIMEX exercise decreases muscle oxygen saturation, meaning muscles are used more heavily. As a result, workouts climax at higher intensities and maximum calories are burned.


PRIMEX provides a complete workout within 10 minutes, moves and stores with ease, and fits conveniently into both gym and home environments.


What makes PRIMEX truly unique is its ability to work the entire body. The result is extreme physical coordination, increased muscle strength, improved posture and balance, enhanced cardiovascular health, and heightened mental focus.

Convenience is key.

The PRIMEX allows you to prioritize your health, even when time is limited. Benefits are achieved within minutes, and equipment is lightweight and easily stored. The entire collection is comprised of durable anodized aluminum and designed to adhere to a sleek, modern aesthetic.

State of the art aluminum construction.

Our fully Patented design allows for the ultimate strength and durability, while staying light weight for ease of mobility.