Basic Use

[ Step 1 ]
Resistance Basics

Adjusting the resistance bands on your machine allows you to switch between exercise difficulty level.

The resistance is adjusted using cables that connect to the rails.

Where you attach them on the machine determines whether you “pull” or “push.”

[ Step 2 ]
Connecting Cables

To use the resistance cables simply pull the handle at the end of the rail and place the integrated ball hitch into the corresponding slot on the shuttle.

The resistance bands need to be used in order to properly use the Primex and get the full benefits of the machine.

The Primex offers two different resistance options to adjust muscle activation for each exercise.

[ Step 3.1 ]
Push Resistance

Push resistance is the recommended beginner/intermediate setup for the Primex. To engage the push resistance, connect a cable to the back of the arm shuttles and/or to the front of the leg shuttles.

[ Step 3.2 ]
Pull Resistance

Pull resistance is recommended for advanced users. To engage the pull resistance, connect a cable to the front of the arm shuttles and/or to the back of the leg shuttles.

[ Storage ]
PRO Storage

To conveniently store the PRO, align the shuttles before rolling under furniture or tipping up on a nearby wall.


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