PRIMEX Trainer

Target Your Core

Build better balance, prevent injuries, and improve posture by targeting your core.

Full Body Engagement

Engage your entire physique and your brain in one high-intensity workout.


Exercise innovation at its best. PRIMEX engages virtually all voluntary muscles through a dynamic process of muscle-chain activation to enhance strength, stamina, balance, and mental focus. 

PRIMEX stands alone in the fitness industry, engaging the entire body – Including the mind. Revolutionary movement stimulates the brain for a comprehensive workout that transforms more than just the physical.

PRIMEX enhances your whole life. 

Muscle Engagement

PRIMEX engages nearly all voluntary muscles through challenging cross-lateral movements, providing a comprehensive muscle-toning workout to improve your entire physique.

Low Impact

While PRIMEX evokes a similar metabolic response as jogging, vigorous calisthenics, or rope jumping, it presents no impact stress to joints. PRIMEX employs resistance training to build muscle and burn calories while simultaneously protecting your body from potential injury. 

Heart Rate

All levels of PRIMEX exercise elicit a higher heart rate than comparable equipment to create greater demand on your cardiovascular system, resulting in improved stamina and more effective workouts.

Caloric Burn

A PRIMEX workout of moderate intensity burns more calories than an elliptical workout of moderate intensity. High-intensity interval training on the PRIMEX burns dramatically more calories than an elliptical workout.

Weight Loss

PRIMEX drives your body towards an accelerated state of energy expenditure, resulting in higher caloric burn in less time. What PRIMEX achieves in minutes, takes other fitness equipment hours.

Fat Burn

PRIMEX exercise results in high anaerobic energy expenditure, causing more fat to be burned as fuel. PRIMEX is the true fat-burning machine.